Hello! My name is Philip Kwan. I am currently a student at the University of Ottawa. I plan to specialize in Accounting. I was born on December 22, 1992 in Montreal, Quebec. Yes, that's right, I am 19 and older than a lot of people that are in my year. My friends tease me and joke around all the time saying I failed a grade but in reality, I just started school later than kids my age.

Topic Choice

Choosing a topic for the wiki space was a bit challenging I couldn't decide between two topics. Therefore, I decided to merge two themes together to make one! My theme will be....Music and Shows. It will be focused on a specific kind....Korean! Keep in mind, I am not Korean, nor am I able to speak or understand it. When I want to understand what they're saying, I end up watching it with English subtitles.



I've been enjoying Korean music for a couple of years now. If someone asked me about it....I'd say I've been listening to it on and off for around 4 years or so? So therefore, I decided to share my interest in Korean music!


C.N.Blue is a South Korean rock band. The band consists of 4 members currently.

Sources; Pictures 1


SNSD is a South Korean K-Pop group that consists of 9 members.

Sources; Pictures 2


I could expand on this for so much. I decided that you might get bored by what I'd be telling you so I thought I might just show you my most favorite Korean show at the moment...Heartstrings! :)


This tv show has become one of my favorite shows that I've watched. It stars Jung Yong Hwa (C.N.Blue leader) and Park Shin Hye (Actress and close friend of Yong Hwa)
Sources; Pictures 3
Sources; Pictures 3

Examples of Music and Shows

Below is a video on snippets of various Korean songs. This will give you a good idea on this genre of music.

Below is a video on some popular Korean dramas.

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